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See the full 2022 Program below


Opening  Film

CAFF poster - Escape from Mogadishu (2021).jpg

Midway  Film

CAFF poster - Wife of a Spy (2020) #1.jpg

Closing  Film

CAFF poster - Cliff Walkers (2021).jpg

Yuen Woo-Ping ★ Tribute

Yuen Woo-Ping is the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award 2022
So to honor him - We will screen 5 of his Personal Favorite films..

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978) #Classic.jpg
CAFF 2022 - Drunken Master (1978) #2.jpg
CAFF poster - Iron Monkey (1993).jpg
CAFF poster - Fearless (2006).jpg
The Grandmaster (2013) #2.jpg

Film Director

Film Director

Film Director

Fight Choreographer

Fight Choreographer

Benny Chan ★ Tribute

The film industry have unfortunately lost a few Stars since our last Festival..

One of them was the Famous Hong Kong Director Benny Chan - who died in 2020

So to honor him - We will screen 5 of his Biggest Blockbuster Hits

- including his Final film (Raging Fire) - which He sadly never got to see Himself...

CAFF poster - Invisible Target (2007).jpg
CAFF poster - City Under Siege (2010).jpg
CAFF poster - The White Storm (2013) #1.jpg
CAFF poster - Call of Heroes (2016).jpg
CAFF poster - Raging Fire (2021) #2.jpg

Sunny Chiba ★ Tribute

Another Star - who we unfortunately have lost - is the Legendary Shin'ichi (Sunny) Chiba

- who actually should have been the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
So to honor him - We will screen 3 of his most iconic films..

CAFF 2022 - The Street Fighter (1974) #2.jpg
CAFF 2022 - Return of the Street Fighter (1974).jpg
CAFF 2022 - The Street Fighter's Last Revenge (1974).jpg

Retrospective ★ PARK Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy

CAFF poster - Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) #1.jpg
CAFF poster - Oldboy #1.jpg
CAFF poster - Lady Vengeance (2005) #1.jpg

★ Korean Day @ CINEMATEKET ★

CAFF poster - House of Hummingbird (2018).jpg
CAFF poster - A Taxi Driver (2017).jpg
CAFF poster - Deliver Us from Evil (2020).jpg

★ Indonesian Night ★

CAFF poster - Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 1 (2002).jpg
CAFF poster - Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (2016) #1.jpg

★ 10 Years Anniversary ★

CAFF poster - Lesson of the Evil (2012) #1.jpg
Bitcoin Heist (2016) #1.jpg
CAFF poster - Bluebeard (2017) #2.jpg
RAMPANT (2764x4096).jpg
CAFF poster - ReBorn (2016).jpg

★ Japanese Night ★

Sister Street Fighter (Japansk) #1.jpg
Sister Street Fighter 2 (Japansk) #1.jpg

★ 20 Years Anniversary ★

CAFF poster - Hero (2002) #1.jpg
CAFF poster - Gundala (2019) #2.jpg
On the Job (2013) #0.jpg
CAFF poster - Samurai Marathon (2019).jpg
CAFF poster - The Swordsman (2020) #1.jpg


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